How SolaDefy solves Launchpad Pain Points

Play to Earn (P2E) IDO

SolaDefy helps launchpad participants defy the odds and redefine the mechanics of Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming with our concept of Play to Earn IDO allocation.
We gamify the very necessary barriers to IDO entry, screening potential applicants through gameplay to build a more curated and loyal community who are passionate about crypto gaming and therefore more likely to engage with our projects.
To earn and retain your keep, users will be required to interact with projects both pre-launch and post-launch, thereby providing must-needed sustained support and actionable data for our projects across volatile market cycles.

Goodbye to Lottery Systems

To ensure guaranteed IDO participation for users in each tier, we have created a mechanism that allows us to scrap the outdated concept of a lottery system.
Instead, we’re assembling a Resistance Army who add value to both our platform and projects over an extended period, with two tiers for entry-level investors who must play to earn their IDO opportunity (Play2Earn Your Keep).
Loyalty for the greater cause is a valuable commodity in the SolaDefy Resistance Army. Provide support and retain your tokens for a certain period and move up the ranks!

Gamifying the Entry

There is a place for every malcontent and rebel in the SolaDefy Resistance. Where other launchpads shut you out when you can’t meet the minimum required tokens to guaranteed an IDO allocation, SolaDefy gives everyone a fair shake to join our P2E-tier investor corps.

Stake minimum 100 tokens and get recruited in Tier 1

All P2E Tier applicants must navigate to our Platform where they will play our listed games. The leaderboard will determine whether the applicant is actually a gaming enthusiast who can bring value to our community. To progress, a player has to achieve a specific score or find an easter egg within a limited period.
Top players on the Leaderboard will be enrolled into our Tier 2 corps as “Cadet” on a first-come-first-served basis. Build up community credit get a guaranteed allocation in Tier 2 of “Cadet”