Key Features

Play to Earn IDO

First of its kind, Play to Earn IDO allows users to stake tokens and play Games to earn IDO allocation. This mechanism allows small investors to be able to get access by engaging with our native and partner games through specific tasks to our first 2 tiers which includes gameplay components.

In order to ensure fair distribution, the allocation for these tiers will be based upon FCFS (First Come First Serve) basis. Once an IDO has been allocated to a member, their Scoreboard resets to allow other members in line to allocate IDO.

Guaranteed Tiers

All of our tiers are guaranteed allocation, there is no lottery mechanism. We achieve this by increasing difficulty levels on each tier depending on the amount of investment. There is also a cap on each tier in order to ensure a fair amount of allocation. This will also prevent potential tier holders from selling their positions.

Tiers 3-5 have a token locking mechanism in order to achieve guaranteed allocation based on the following formula.
Number of Days x Staked tokens = IDO Allocation
Tier 6-8 has no locking period and will have the ability to get unlimited access to IDO’s.

Auto-Invest Feature

Prepay your way into allocations for all upcoming IDOs. DeFy the odds with us. This helps minimise the risk of missing out on IDO participation.
It also creates efficiency by minimising traffic at peak times of IDO launch.

IDO Accumulation

At SolaDefy we believe in fairness hence we allow our community to accumulate their IDO allocation. This gives freedom back into the hands of our community to decide which project they like to invest in and to hold multiple allocations to use at a later stage.

Rug proof mechanism

We have a dedicated team who will verify the integrity and viability of every project that launches at SolaDefy. This is to prevent events like rugpulls and other scams. We also partner with major industry leading KYC providers to ensure fair and transparent distribution of allocations.