Solving IDO Launchpad Pain Points

The evolution of launchpads in recent years have done much to help the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector transcend the boundaries that previously stifled the growth of new cryptocurrency projects, such as exorbitant centralized exchange (CEX) listing fees.
Launchpads have become the lifeblood of decentralized layer-I ecosystems, providing projects with a turnkey community and giving new small retail investors access to the most promising new projects before they launch into the stratosphere.

The Lottery System

Most launchpads have a lottery system where participants are randomly whitelisted. these launchpads usually operate a tiered system with guaranteed IDO allocation spots requiring users to hold a prohibitively expensive minimum amount of launchpad tokens. This leaves smaller investors with the only option to participate in a non-guaranteed lottery system where only a lucky few get awarded a spot.

Lack of Community Loyalty and Organic Interest

IDO launches in 2021/2022 resemble a gold rush of retail investors with little real interest in nor understanding of the projects coming to market. This culture of quick gains and frustration with the lottery system inevitably leads to a fractured, bitter community across social media channels, who is quick to crucify product delays or hiccups at IDO launch.
Often, there is no real emotional buy-in from most IDO participants into the launchpad's overarching mission and community goals. This lack of loyalty usually becomes painfully clear post-launch.

Lack of Post Launch Engagement

Post-IDO launch, investors usually take their profits and move on to the next project elsewhere, causing both a crash in the launchpad's native token and that of the project it's incubating.